Facility Life Cycle Asset Management

Facility asset managers and owners are facing more challenges than ever before - aging assets, financial pressures, technology, emergency preparedness, sustainability, and change management. The path forward starts with looking at how facility assets are managed through the life cycle - from design to commissioning to maturity. Along with the life cycle view, the world of maintenance management is changing: scope of expectations from users; varied and complex equipment; better understanding of why assets fail; new technologies and techniques; capabilities and skills required; managing asset information. A well-defined maintenance management process should include asset information, prioritization, proactive maintenance and spares management. Incorporating a reliability-based approach mitigates risk by anticipating potential problems that are likely to negatively impact facility operations. This session deals with developing the foundation for an effective asset management program - preparing the facility for operations as well maintaining it through its life cycle.

1. Correlate the current business environment to the demands placed on facility managers
2. Assess how decisions made throughout the facility life cycle - equipment and infrastructure - impact value
3. Identify gaps in their maintenance management processes
4. Determine the strategy for implementing a risk-based approach that will address those gaps

Start Time:

3/11/2015 9:00:00 AM

End Time:

3/11/2015 9:50:00 AM

Presented by:

Pedro Dominguez
Managing Principal
Invenio Group

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Maintenance and Operations

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