Optimizing Energy Purchases with Energy Storage

If gas stations sold gas 50% cheaper at night than during the day, when would you fill up the tank to your car? You would fill up at night, if you want to save money. So why don't we do this for commercial buildings?

Regardless of the pricing structure a utility provides, the cost of electricity for commercial buildings is nearly 50% cheaper at night, when the need for energy is less. Energy storage allows facility managers to optimize energy purchases by disconnecting consumption of electricity from time of purchase. This session will discuss strategies for energy management and cutting operating costs.

1. Gain a deeper understanding of your electric bill and how (kW) demand significantly impacts energy costs
2. Learn key steps for disconnecting consumption of electricity from the time of purchase in order to create significant reductions in operating costs
3. Discuss opportunities in demand response and real-time pricing
4. Learn from real case study examples of how building managers are transforming ordinary buildings into smart grid buildings by reducing peak demand and being demand responsive

Start Time:

3/12/2015 2:10:00 PM

End Time:

3/12/2015 3:00:00 PM

Presented by:

Paul Valenta
VP Sales and Marketing

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