Providing Drain Cleaning In-house: Key Considerations

This seminar is a guide to anyone who has looked at their drain cleaning bills and thought; we could do better for less money ourselves! It focuses on how to make an accurate cost comparison, how to pick facility appropriate equipment, and how to overcome internal resistance to drain maintenance.

1. Learn awareness of the trend of bringing drain cleaning operations in house and the positive affects this decision can have on institutions and corporations
2. Review how to complete an accurate cost analysis comparing outsourced versus in-house operations and how these decisions can effect budgets and corporate long term planning
3. Learn how to purchase drain cleaning and pipe inspection equipment that is appropriate to your facility
4. Analyze how to avoid costly mistakes when purchasing high end equipment

Start Time:

3/9/2017 3:10:00 PM

End Time:

3/9/2017 4:00:00 PM

Presented by:

David Dunbar
Assistant Sales Manager
General Pipe Cleaners

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Maintenance and Operations

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