The Smithsonian Institution's Facility-wide Reliability Maintenance Philosophy

This presentation describes the decision-making process and implementation of a facility-wide reliability- centered maintenance philosophy at the Smithsonian Institution (SI). We have a predominantly in-house maintenance and operations staff of over 900 full time employees. We produce an appropriate environment for world-class science to take place and for our nation’s collection to be on display and maintained in perpetuity. This paper will detail SI’s strategy for asset management, the technologies in use, how data is collected and analyzed, how information is used immediately and on a strategic level, and present benefits and drawbacks to the SI approach.

1. Improve your understanding of how several non-destructive maintenance technologies can benefit operations
2. Gain knowledge of at least 3 maintenance best practices (RCM, facility condition assessment, power using group) that you may wish to pursue
3. Learn about implementation challenges that come with a big program change
4. Gain perspective on whether RCM or some of the other best practices adopted are right for your own organization

Start Time:

3/8/2017 10:00:00 AM

End Time:

3/8/2017 10:50:00 AM

Presented by:

Kendra Gastright
Director, Office of Facilities Management and Reliability
Smithsonian Institution

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