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Exhibitor Alert

Beware of Companies that Solicit Exhibitors — Do NOT Fall Victim of Their Tactics.

There are many companies that lead you to believe that they are affiliated with NFMT or a vendor for NFMT. A few of the services they offer are databases, list rentals, and housing services.

Click here for a list of domains that have solicited Exhibitors over the years and are NOT affiliated with NFMT.

What can you do to stop the E-mails from these companies?

• When you receive an E-mail forward to us at, if they use the NFMT name we will send a cease & desist letter.

• Hit reply to the e-mail and type REMOVE FROM LIST in the subject line and hit send.

• Block the sender's E-mail and the domain in your junk E-mail settings.

• Many junk e-mail settings will allow you to import a list of domains to block

Official NFMT Contractors:

Click here to see the list of NFMT Official Contractors.

If you are contacted by any outside company you find suspicious or are unsure whether they are a legitimate authorized vendor for this event, please contact Theresa Urbancyzk and if possible include any e-mail communication you received from this vendor.