Leak Detection in Today's Connected Buildings

Water leaks in commercial buildings are the leading cause for insurance claims and add up to more than claims for theft and fire combined. Water leaks also have a negative effect on tenants and can require relocating tenants for extended periods of time, which impacts rents. The advent of wireless technology has changed this equation. Now, low cost wireless sensors that detect and notify management instantly of water leaks can be installed throughout commercial buildings wherever there is a potential for leaks. This presentation will discuss what to look for in a commercial-grade leak detection system.

Learning Objectives:

1. Gain understanding of the threat of water leaks e.g. how common are they, how to quantify the full business impact, etc.
2. Become informed of leak detection strategies and recent technology breakthroughs Understand learn to minimize potential security threats to the IoT 'Connected Building'
3. Understand best practices on leak detection. Explore from case studies how other buildings have deployed IoT leak detection technology
4. Gain understanding on how to develop an accurate ROI on leak detection and how to sell it throughout your organization
Session Details Start Time: 5/17/2017 3:10:00 PM End Time: 5/17/2017 4:00:00 PM Presented By:

Laurie Conner
President and CEO
The Detection Group, Inc.

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Room Number: M9/10 Audience: Intermediate CEU: 0.1 Track: Smart Strategies: IOT, Data and AutomationVIEW ALL