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4-foot 70e 90.1 a team accessibility accident prevention ahsea air filters air filtration air flow rate alternative workplace strategies alternatives ansi standard antifreeze appearance arc flash arch flash asbestos ashrae asset management astm baby boomers bacnet barrier to employees bas bcp be informed benchmarking biofilm bms border protection building automation systems building code building commissioning building controls building design building envelope building integration building occupants building retrofit building safety business continuity planning capacity capital projects carbon footprint certified cfo charging internally cheap water chemicals chilled water chillers clean water act cms coating coils commissioning agent communications company culture complaints condenser water condition assessment consistency construction safety contract contracting out control system cooling towers cost of ownership cost savings creating your team credits crisis customer satisfaction customers cutting cost dali data center use data centers data security daylight cleaning daylighting ddc deferred maintenance demand response department of labor design phase design team digital lighting direct-digital controls directions disaster planning documentation doe doe rulemaking drinking water drywall ductwork e2018-08 ebc education electrical work emergency planning emergency preparedness emergency response emergency training emissions empire state employee dissatisfaction employee retention employee termination employee turnover employees won't tell you that you are about to do something stupid energy audit energy conservation energy cost energy credit energy efficiency energy efficiency payback energy expense energy intensity energy intensity tools energy management energy monitoring energy price energy program energy savings energy star energy supply energy-management system epact epact 179d esco's eue existing buildings facebook facilities management facility assessment tools facility condition assessment facility investments facility manager budgets facility optimization facility savings fans finance talk financing fire pump fm hiring fm jobs fm succession planning fm tools fmla footcandles forecast energy form 300 garages generation x generation y generations ghg graphics green buildings green cleaning green products green seal greenhouse gases greenwashing grey water capturing gsa gsfl guidline hate your job hazardous haz-mat health heat trace hierarchy high performance building high performance buildings high-performance organization hiring hiring protocol homeland security hospital human resources hvac iaq ibc ieq ifc increasing profit in-house services insurance insurance claim integrated building international fire code interviewing skills interviews investing iso iso 9000 it and fm it load it security job descriptions job fit justify training kpis larry morgan last minute changes laughable license leadership leed credits leed eb leed ebom leed points leed v4 leed-eb legionella level 1 level 3 life-cycle analysis lifecycle cost lighting lighting case study lighting controls lighting retrofits lockout lockout/tagout lumens maintenance procedures maintenance strategy maintenance testing management strategies manuals mechanic medical records metal roof metering mitigate risk moisture mold motivation motors moving water negativity new employees new job new york nfmt nfmt 25 nfpa 13 nfpa 25 nfpa 70e occupant satisfaction office space operating expenses optimizing data organization osha osha inspections osha training outsource outsourcing over illuminated pdu people personal protective equipment personnel management photovoltaic installation photovoltaics planning ahead pneumatic systems ppe pre-design pre-design phase prerequisite price products project funding project management public relations pue pv quality quit radio raise floors reading real estate recommissioning reducing redundancy reducing waste renewable energy repair time retail space retaining employees retirement retrocommissioning retro-commissioning return on investment reward robert lang roi roof warranty roofing roofing cost rooftop photovoltaic safety programs saving money section 510.1 security security programs sensors sequence sequencing server loads service providers six sigma small steps smart buildings smart grid smoke detectors social media software sop space management specifications specs sprinkler systems standard operation procedures sulfur sustainability sustainability objectives sustainable sustainable initiatives system types t12 t8 tagout take money off the table tax deductions tax incentives tax savings taxes technician training technology tennants time trainers training trends triple bottom line twitter u.s. army u.s. capitol security u-lamp upgrades ups usgbc utilities utility costs vacation days variable speed fans vendors video visualization walkthrough water conservation water consumption water cost water damage water efficiency water footprint water rates when your wrong why be green wind energy wind generation wired work from home worker safety worker's compensation workplace environment workplace safety zigbee