How BIG DATA Will Drive Facility Managers and Maintenance

We are now officially in the BIG DATA era! As more buildings and operators implement building management systems (BMS), the need to understand and analyze building data is growing at an exponential rate. Owners are compounding the challenge for operators by requiring more with less in order to buy right and sell high for increased profits. Building engineers along with facility managers have to figure out how to easily and quickly understand and analyze their data in order to stay ahead of problems and control costs. So how do they this? How do they make every building a top performing building in a portfolio? Real time accurate data is the answer but how? This presentation will look at where to start and how to easily turn building data into actionable tactics.

Learning Objectives:
1. Define big data
2. Identify the data that buildings currently contain and where this data can be found
3. Understand how data improves operations and utilization of people
4. Observe how big data drives operational costs down and makes you more competitive

Start Time: 11/1/2016 4:10:00 PM
End Time: 11/1/2016 5:00:00 PM

Presented by:

Michael Flores
Vice President, Sales

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Room Number: Montego E

Audience: Intermediate

CEU: 0.1


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