Carlo Alberto Marchi Photo

Eng. Carlo Alberto Marchi graduated in Electronic Engineering at University “La Sapienza” in Rome “Cum Laude”. He initially worked at STET (formerly the telecommunications monopolist in Italy), where he was mainly involved in the analyses and actuation of the deregulation processes then under way. He then worked at Alenia Spazio, a Finmeccanica company, for the development of a massively parallel High Performance Computing platform. He then was Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of a Voice over IP startup in California, that eventually created a network of VoIP servers in North America and Europe. In 1999 he cofounded and was CEO at PointerCom Spa, an italian startup developing Voice over IP and videoconferencing solutions. In 2005 he joined the Acotel Group, where he has been initially in charge of the early technological developments of the Service Platform for Noverca, the group Mobile Virtual Network Operator. In 2009 he started the “NET” business unit, having the goal to develop Energy Efficiency products and services

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