Active Shooter in Your Workplace: Response, Liability and Long-term Consequences

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The deadly phase of an active shooter in your workplace is over in the first four to eight minutes, statistically before the police can arrive and deploy. This means your employees are the first responders. An active shooter incident will unfold at lightning speed in terrifying conditions. Beyond the first minutes of response, you—as the employer—have specific responsibilities, exposures and liabilities. Learn how to address your issues for this growing threat. Your Crisis Communications response must start in the first minute of your response to an active shooter. Social Media and the 24/7 cable world ensure your workplace will be the target not only of the active shooter, but the target of all the whole world watching you and your management respond. What are your best strategies to ensure that your workplace and reputation aren’t killed like your personnel might be?

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3/21/2023 1:00:00 PM

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3/21/2023 2:00:00 PM

1. How do you prepare train employees re your tactical response?
2. What are the laws and regulations applicable to our planning and training?
3. What is our liability exposure for NOT doing this right? For not doing it at all?
4. How do you protect your reputation when the whole world watches you?

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