Demonstrating Commitment with GBI’s Green Globes for Existing Buildings Health & Wellness Distinction

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One of many pandemic-accelerated changes is the investor community’s increasing commitment to funding organizations with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. In 2021 alone, over $357 billion globally was invested in ESG fund assets—more than double the 2019 total. In response to the increased need for building owners to demonstrate the attainment of ESG goals, the Green Building Initiative (GBI) has launched the Green Globes for Existing Buildings Health & Wellness designation, celebrating buildings that promote exceptional health and wellness and allowing owners to demonstrate these achievements to stakeholders. The Health & Wellness designation helps building owners and managers achieve strong performance in criteria like establishing good indoor air quality (IAQ), providing thermal comfort, maximizing daylight and natural views, implementing site planning that encourages healthy activity and addressing safety and security measures. Green Globes uses an interactive online software, that allows building owners, facilities managers, and sustainability professionals to think critically about their buildings and evaluate their current operations. The software can also be used to monitor performance data either for a single building, or an entire portfolio. The assessment process is collaborative and educational and establishes a baseline and guides for improvement. The health and safety of a building is now more important than ever. Earning a Green Globes certification with a Health & Wellness third-party verifies that steps have been taken to ensure a healthy indoor environment and a more valuable asset.

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3/21/2023 11:00:00 AM

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3/21/2023 12:00:00 PM

1. Understand that the Green Globes for Existing Buildings assessment and certification can be applied to all types of commercial and multifamily real estate and is replicable among an entire portfolio.
2. Recognize that indoor air quality and environment is more important than ever before. Understand that achieving the requirements of the Health & Wellness distinction demonstrates a commitment to occupant wellbeing.
3. Recall that portfolio managers, sustainability professionals, and building owners may upload and track performance data (energy, water, waste & emissions) for an individual building or compare performance over an entire portfolio.
4. Describe the Green Globes assessment process and recognize the benefits of third-party certification.

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