How to Benefit from BIM

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For two decades, Facility Owners have received Building Information Models (BIMs) from their AEC BIM consultants as part of the final project deliverables. However, these same models are often shelved because the institutions are unable to leverage BIM data benefits quickly and easily. Properly created BIMs locate rooms and assets and should include corresponding design, manufacturer, and operations/maintenance data. This BIM data is all that is needed to populate the Facility Owner's various room and asset management and maintenance software programs. The key to streamlined consumption is a predefined BIM data structure. This presentation will explore the 3 simple steps an institution can implement that will define the AEC BIM teams deliverables for each project, ensuring a consistent, predictable, and verifiable BIM data structure, campus-wide. Case studies are included in the presentation.

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3/21/2023 9:45:00 AM

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3/21/2023 10:45:00 AM

1. Case studies of institutions exposing BIM room & asset data to their FM & GIS programs
2. The three steps to implement and define BIM deliverables for AEC BIM consulting teams.
3. Workflow on how an institution can review and validate AEC BIM deliverables for compliance with the project BIM Execution Plan without advanced BIM knowledge, experience, or staff.
4. How to batch translate MasterFormat BIM data into UniFormat and OmniClass BIM data.

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