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Christopher Beall

Development Director , Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)

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Mr. Beall has over 10 years of experience in the technology consulting and data analytics industry and brings strong client relationship practices to ensure all initiatives deliver value to our demanding marketplace. Mr. Beall aligns each customer’s unique needs with CWE and partner technologies to form the best possible solution for each customer. He guides customers through the process of identifying gaps in data and functionality to create a cohesive IT application configuration for facilities and business support applications. Mr. Beall’s experience as a technology consultant allows him to identify what systems and functionality need to be combined with legacy systems to drive visibility into building and portfolio operations. The outcomes of projects typically include increased visibility, control, and enhanced decision-making through analytical insights, which drive operational cost reduction. Mr. Beall speaks on the topics of technology, analytics, and overall performance management. Some highlights include speaking at IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain and for the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) on Building Intelligent Infrastructures.