The Exhibitor Resource section is your one stop shop for all of the forms, information and links you need to prepare for the event. We encourage you to visit the section often as new forms and information is added frequently.

* Exhibitor Alert *

Please be careful if you are contacted by a third-party vendor posing or leading you to believe that the work on behalf of NFMT. Some that use this tactic would be contacting you for hotel reservations or attendee list rentals.

Housing: Visit Baltimore is the office housing bureau for NFMT and reservations need to be made through the NFMT housing site. The NFMT housing bureau will NOT call you to make a reservation. We have been told that a few exhibitors have been contacted by a Russel Jones (I don't have the phone number for Russel) and a Mike Anderson, from Convention Experts (1.702.509.7473).Russel and/or Mike do NOT work on behalf of NFMT or the NFMT housing bureau.

List Rentals: NFMT does NOT rent or sell the registrant lists. Any exhibitors that are paid in full will receive the registrant list with mailing information only (no phone or Email) within 14 days post-event. The E-mails will use the NFMT name but do NOT fall for this. Please forward the email to nfmt@rocexhibitions.com so we can send a cease-and-desist notice and then block that email address. Click here to see examples of scam emails.

If you are contacted by a company and you want to check the legitimacy of any communication you receive, please contact nfmt@rocexhibitions.com.

Event Information

Link Due Date
Schedule at a Glance & Exhibit Space Information
Official Contractor List with Deadlines
PDF to come
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form
PDF to come

Rules & Regulations

Link Due Date
Exhibit Space Display & Event Regulations
PDF to come
Space Contract Rules & Regulations
PDF to come
Height Regulations - Inline & Linear Booths
PDF to come
Height Regulations - Island Booths
PDF to come
Height Regulations - Perimeter Booths
PDF to come
Height Regulations - Other
PDF to come
Baltimore Convention Center Rules & Regulations
PDF to come

Official Event Contractor - Freeman

Link Due Date
Freeman Online Ordering Link

Online ordering for Freeman will open January 27, 2023.

Link to come

Individual forms are posted
below by topic.

Ordering Onlne by 2/20/23 will give you the maximum savings with Freeman.

Full PDF of Kit

The PDF and the forms below are so you can review options and pricing. We recommend that you use the online ordering link (opens 1/27/23) to get the online price advertised on the forms.

New Exhibitors: please allow 3 business days from when your contract and space is confirmed with NFMT for Freeman to update and include you as an exhibitor in their system.

Existing Exhibitors: If this is your first time using Freeman Online for any event and you do not already have a user name and password, you will need to set up login information.

Freeman QuickFacts
Freeman Method of Payment Form
Going Green Tips

Carpet, Furnishings, & Rental Displays

Link Due Date
Freeman Furnishings Brochure

Order via Freeman Online link by February 20th for maximum discount.

Freeman Furnishings Price List

Order via Freeman Online link by February 20th for maximum discount.

Freeman Flooring Brochure

Order via Freeman Online link by February 20th for maximum discount.

Freeman Flooring Price List

Order via Freeman Online link by February 20th for maximum discount.

Graphics & Sign Order Forms

Link Due Date
Freeman Event Graphics Info Form
PDF to come
Event Graphics Order Form
PDF to come
Artwork Guidelines
PDF to come

Displaying Vehicles

Link Due Date
Vehicle Display Authorization Form
PDF to come

Installation & Dismantle

Link Due Date

The installation and dismantling of prefabricated displays comes under the jurisdiction of the carpenters' union.

However, two (2) full-time exhibiting company employees may work without Carpenter Labor for one (1) hour on the installation (move-in) and one (1) hour on the dismantle (move-out) without union labor on booths that are larger than 10' x 10'. Exhibitors may work in booths 10' x 10' or smaller without the use of union labor.

Exhibitors are NOT permitted to use POWER TOOLS (electric drills, power saws, etc.) on booths of any size. Manual tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets, pry bars, etc. are allowable for exhibitor use within size and time limitations. Exhibitors may not borrow tools, ladders or other equipment from the exhibit facility and/or Freeman.

Union Regulations February 17, 2023
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)

If you are using a contractor other than those on the Official Contractor List i.e. I&D company, you must submit an EAC form.

February 20, 2023
Freeman I&D Info & Labor Form February 20, 2023
Forklift & Rigging Labor Order Form February 20, 2023
Structural Integrity Form

This form must be submitted for all suspended structures.

February 20, 2023

Shipping, Material Handling, & Exhibit Transportation

Link Due Date
Advance to Warehouse Shipping Label

Warehouse receiving begins 2/20/23 and must arrive on or before 3/13/23.

Direct to Show Site Shipping Label

Show site shipments can not arrive prior to 3/20/22.

Directions to Marshalling Yard.
Outbound Shipping Order Form
Shipping & Material Handling Overview
Shipping & Material Handling FAQs
Material Handling Info & Rates
Freeman Transportation Services

Only fill this out if you are using Freeman Transportation for Shipping nad not another carrier.

Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)

Link Due Date
Freeman POV Form
PDF to come

Move Out & Outbound Freight Procedures

Link Due Date
Move Out & Dismantle Reminder

Instructions to Come

Other Contractors & Services

Link Due Date
Booth Cleaning ‐ All Convention Centers
PDF to come
March 10, 2023
AV ‐ Audio Visual One
Electrical & Plumbing ‐ Edlen February 28, 2023
Internet & Telephone ‐ McDean February 25, 2023
Food & Beverage ‐ Sodexo Live February 25, 2023
Lead Retrieval ‐ Compusystems

Early Bird Pricing
February 17, 2023

Vehicle Display Authorization Form
Photography ‐ Pure Light Images
Booth Security ‐ CES Security March 7, 2023