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Ed Sullivan - BOM Editor in Chief, has been to every NFMT Show.

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How do I find my booth?

The expo hall is marked with large hanging banners above each aisle. Find your appropriate aisle and you’ll quickly find your booth. Booths are also identified with signage containing booth numbers. Depending on when you arrive to the expo hall, the banners might not be in place yet. As you enter the expo hall, the 2500 aisle is to the far right. Aisles descend right to left.

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Exhibit Space Rental Information

Exhibit Space Rental Includes:

  • In-line space will have blue and grey 8' back-wall and 3' blue side rail drape
  • 7"x44" Company Identification Sign
  • Unlimited Exhibitor Badge Registrations
  • Onsite Exhibitor Lounge
  • Complimentary Event Directory Listing (must be submitted by deadline)
  • 24 Hour Exhibit Hall Perimeter Security
  • Pre- and Post - Event Registration Mailing list

NOTE: Carpet and electrical services are not included in the space rental. You may provide your own or rent from the General Contractor.

Onsite at the Baltimore Convention Center

Convention centers are big. They all kind of look alike. If you've never exhibited at a trade show, set-up day is a bit of a survival of the fittest. Semi's arrive delivering freight to the center while forklifts zip around bringing it to specific booths. Cherry Pickers (TRUE NAME) going up to the ceiling and back down again. Show management is running around at full tilt. Half the expo hall lights are off! Don't worry, it's not closing time, that's done to conserve energy. Convention Centers are like little cities within a city.

Set-up day is nothing to fear. The system works. Here's a few common concerns we hear every year.

My booth's empty & nobody seems to know where my things are

Rest assured, your freight is on the way. While there's no way to pinpoint exactly where it is in the Marshalling Yard or on a truck, all exhibitors crates are delivered directly to their booths. This process, while choppy, ensures your goods arrive safely.

When's my freight arriving to my booth?

During set-up day freight is delivered starting at 8AM to 6PM. To check on freight, have your shipment details available and go to the Freeman service desk located to the left of the 1400 aisle where they can check on the staus of your freight.

Will I receive updates about my freight?

If you arrive to your booth and find it empty, nothing is wrong. It simply means your crates are en route. If you can't find your paperwork, Freeman is able to track your display. Find Freeman's Help Desk next to Exhibitor Space Selection or call them at: 301-918-7975.

Did I order carpet and a table?

Carpet is required, so unless you've brought or shipped your own, you'll need to visit Freeman before setting up your booth to place an order for carpet. Find Freeman's Help Desk next to Exhibitor Space Selection or call them at: 301-918-7975.

Can I pull up to the Convention Center and unload my materials?

The Baltimore Convention Center does not allow unloading and loading of exhibit space materials at any of the public entrances. Passenger elevators and escalators cannot be used to transport booth displays to the expo hall. NFMT Event Management, Freeman and the local Unions have worked together to provide an option for exhibitors that meet POV requirements. To see if you qualify and to request a dock pass, contact Theresa Urbanzyk ( pre show or stop at the Freeman desk.

POV Hours: Sunday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday: No POV-All vehicles will be unloaded by Freeman and material handling charges apply.

Key Locations at the Baltimore Convention Center

Badge Pick-Up

Exhibitor badge pick-up begins at 1 p.m. on Monday, August 10. It's easiest to enter the Convention Center via the Pratt St. Entrance. Take the escalators up one level to Registration, which is the 200 Level/Mezzanine. If you're entering from the Hilton or Hyatt/Sheraton, you're already on the 200 Level.

Expo Hall

You might also hear someone onsite refer to it as the show floor or the exhibit hall. It's all the same area. It's the main attraction of the show. Your exhibiting dreams await. You'll need to show security your exhibitor credentials to gain access to the Expo Hall, so make sure to pick-up your badge before heading to your booth. The expo hall is located on level 100 - which is below street level.

Freeman Desk

Freeman is the general service contractor at the BCC for NFMT. What's that mean? They'll deliver your freight, and generally help with anything you need. Freeman's help desk can be found to the right of the 1400 aisle inside the expo hall. Freeman can assis with shipments, where your booth furnishing orders are and how to label your outbound freight. Also available in this same location is audio visual, lead retrieval and Baltimore Convention Center Power help desks.

Exhibitor Space Selection

You'll have a space selection appointment time assigned to you based on priority points (number of years in the show, size of booth and sponsorship). The main point of contact from the organization will receive an email one week prior to show indicating what their space selection time is. This is your opportunity to meet with show management and secure the best booth location for next year's NFMT. A reminder notification will also be distributed in your booth. You're at a major advantage during the show as no company that isn't currently exhibiting can secure space for 2021 while the show is taking place. You can. The money you put down to secure your 2021 location is fully refundable for 30 days after the completion of the 2020 show.

If you have any questions you can either go to the Space Selection office on the expo hall floor or reach out to Laurie Vega;

Exhibitor Breakfast

The exhibitor appreciation breakfast will take place on Thursday at 9:30am in the lounge located next to Space Selection in the Expo Hall.

Opening Night Networking Party

Located 2 levels up near the registration area. Follow all the attendees and fellow exhibitors to this area. It's a popular part of the show and a fantastic time to mingle with FMs and show management.

Can I promote our presence at NFMT before the show?

Yes. A million times yes. Ask other fellow exhibitors who had a great experience at a prior NFMT, and they’ll likely tell you they tapped into their own network, making their booth a popular destination. The more of your prospects who are aware of your presence at NFMT, the better. It’s really that simple. But don’t stop with reaching out to prospects to promote yourself. Your current clients will love to see you on the show floor.

NFMT provides you with free marketing tools to use! We’ll send you a tailored landing page, email and digital banner ad that auto-populates with your booth number, company name, etc. Need your Exhibitor Dashboard link? Contact Todd Fabos

NFMT Event Office

The NFMT Event Office is located in the Pratt St. East office, on the street level.

Phone: 410.649.7432

Office Hours:
Sunday: 10am-5pm
Monday: 8am-6:30pm
Tuesday: 7am-5:00pm
Wednesday: 7am-6:00pm
Thursday: 7am-5:30pm

NFMT Exhibitor Lounge

Exhibitor Lounges are located next to 2021 Space Selection and behind the Grand Prize Giveaway Stage. Coffee, water and iced tea Monday 8am-5pm.

Sunday: 10am-5pm
Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-4pm
Wednesday: 10:30am-3:30pm
Thursday: 10:30am-2:30pm

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