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Be Like Nike and Apple: Transforming the Work Experience Into a Product

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10/26/2023 3:30:00 PM

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10/26/2023 4:30:00 PM

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"Our team is pushing a product our employees do not want to buy.”  - Fortune 500 Company Real Estate Executive (comment made during a visioning session)

Resistance by employees to return to the office is not entirely driven by reluctance or fear or commute times, but by stale and tired workspaces that historically undelivered on the employee experience, especially for women and minorities. Employees want engaging work environments to connect and build community, but unfortunately our open office or “activity-based” models just don’t cut it. We need to develop workspaces in the same way consumer product companies generate excitement and buzz for their own goods. In other words, the new workplace needs a competitive advantage to draw employees back.

Join us to learn the economic and psychological frameworks around “why people buy” and how to apply them to the workplace and facilities. We will be using data and insights from our recent global report as well as other sources:

1. Learn how to apply behavioral economics to understand why and what motivates employees to come back to the office – and make a business case for facilities change.
2. Demonstrate why facilities and workplace is product and not overhead, it’s something leadership should want to invest in, not be mandated to buy.
3. Generate strategies to transform the workplace into a product your employees want to consume.
4. Benchmark your business’s progress against major corporations.

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