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Healthy, Well and Resilient: The Orlando Convention Center's Approach to Cleaning

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Join Steve Arehart, Senior Director of Operations for GBAC, and Hector Clemente, Manger of Facility Operations at Orange County Convention Center, for a discussion on how regimented cleaning protocols create a healthier environment for hosting events, create a culture of consistency and pride, and allow for strong gap analysis and continuous improvement.  We will be discussing how event housekeeping has evolved and take a short tour to highlight some of the technology and improvements the OCCC has successfully implemented to keep their building safer for all. The session includes a walking tour of key areas of the Convention Center.

1. Understand the importance of regimented cleaning protocols in creating a healthier building environment.

2. Learn how consistent cleaning protocols contribute to building a culture of pride among building staff.

3. Explore the benefits of implementing strong gap analysis and continuous improvement processes.

4. Gain insights into the innovative technology and improvements implemented by the Orange County Convention Center through a guided walking tour.

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