Re-freshing Your Why

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FM operations are daily, tactical, and often hectic, no two days look the same and we like it that way. But every once in a while it is important to step back from the everyday and take a look at the long view. Focusing our attention on strategy and being in sync with the shifting mission, goals, values, and culture of our organizations. The past few years brought about uncertainty, pivots, and new ways of working. It has challenged how we work, where we work, and even why we work. Whether your FM priorities are managing a hybrid work force, creating workspaces that attract and retain talent, or just continuing to support the health, safety and productivity of your staff; now is the moment to refocus on your ‘Why’ - your goals, your team, and your purpose. This dynamic session will provide insights, inspirations, and tools to help you re-fresh, re-energize and re-align your FM organization.

Start Time:

3/23/2023 9:15:00 AM

End Time:

3/23/2023 10:15:00 AM

1. Understand the power of vision, mission, and purpose statements.
2. Explore the value of strategic realignment between the FM and Demand organizations.
3. How to work with your team to find your collective “Why”.
4. Gain tools and tips to re-energize and inspire your team.

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