IAQ IQ: How to Design a Safe, Effective and Future-Ready Germicidal Lighting System

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About this session:

What is indoor air quality (IAQ) and why is it so important for new and existing constructions? How can lighting systems be designed to improve the quality of wellbeing of occupants while mitigating pathogen spread? Learn how to design germicidal lighting systems, specify products, decipher between truly science-backed efficacious technologies and snake oil, abide by laws and certification requirements, ensure future-ready flexible solutions, maximize modern lighting controls, and ensure that your system does a world of good while mitigating risks and drawbacks. Enjoy a dynamic and interactive discussion while expanding your lighting repertoire.

Start Time:

3/22/2023 3:00:00 PM

End Time:

3/22/2023 4:00:00 PM

1. To understand how UV light neutralizes pathogens
2. To discover how to ensure the safety and efficacy of a UV disinfection system
3. To learn design future-ready UV disinfection systems
4. To learn how to incorporate UV disinfection devices into your facility's IAQ-improvement plan

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1 hour

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