The Value of BIM across all Building Operations Stakeholders

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) has gradually become the foundation of building design and construction over the last twenty years. Out of all the facility operations stakeholders, Capital Projects have become the seasoned veterans in utilizing BIM for multiple applications. Recently, they have expressed the value BIM could have for the maintenance and operations teams. Unfortunately, the ROI on BIM implementation for maintenance and operations is not defined and does not justify the effort and support required for a BIM implementation. The problem in the current conversation of BIM for facility operations is that it is too focused on a micro level and not examined on the macro level. The conversation is typically focused between Capital Projects and Maintenance departments. Those are only two departments out of the eight or more that form the complete Facility Management or Real Estate teams within an organization, all of which are considered stakeholders within the company. If we were to change the conversation and start defining the value that BIM has for all the stakeholders involved, the effort and support required for a BIM implementation would shift, and the ROI would grow significantly. This presentation will open with a discussion of BIM, define the concept of “Digital Twin,” aka BIM for Facility Management, and explore the different levels of Digital Twin through a maturity chart. Then the presentation will showcase the value of BIM across all facility operations stakeholders, including Maintenance, Sustainability, Security, EH&S, Space Management, and more. Focusing on how the ROI grows as more facility stakeholders are engaged. Lastly, the presentation will show the effort and investment required for this type of implementation, including the importance of strategy to avoid sunken costs, areas of importance like the validity of facility data, and how to support the investment in the future as your facility continue to grow and change.

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3/21/2023 1:00:00 PM

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3/21/2023 2:00:00 PM

1. Understand the evolution of BIM and the value that it currently brings to the design, construction and building operations industry.
2. Learn about the value that can be achieved by leveraging BIM for multiple stakeholders.
3. Learn about the effort and investment to implement a BIM for Facility Operations process.
4. Understand areas to focus and what to avoid during the BIM for Facility Operations implementation.

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