Three-Pronged Approach to Manage the Building Envelope of Your Facilities

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Real estate & facility managers continue to be challenged by economic uncertainty. This presentation will outline a three-pronged approach for successfully managing the building envelope of your facilities. Sergio Pages, Client Relations Manager at StuctureTec, will share best practices drawn from his 30 years of experience with corporations and organizations, encompassing a wide variety of industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial, and Education.
Building envelope systems are often neglected because they are not perceived to have a direct impact on the operational goals of an organization. However, developing a comprehensive program to manage these systems is critical given their primary function is to protect building occupants and operations from external elements and support a safe internal environment.
The material presented will be drawn from projects and programs across different types of construction. Without facts and proper due diligence, the ideal sustainable program is hard to achieve. But with the proper “plan of attack”, you can have a facility that will withstand time.

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3/21/2023 8:30:00 AM

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3/21/2023 9:30:00 AM

Understanding the importance of prioritization
Cost reduction through implementing the proper strategies
Learn “sustainability approaches” to align with your facility’s objectives
How to transition from a reactive to a proactive facilities management approach

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