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Facilitopia - A Brighter Vision for the Facility Industry

Start Time:

3/12/2024 1:15:00 PM

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3/12/2024 2:15:00 PM

About this session:

Facility management is not likely to be the new glamour career; however, this evolving industry and the professionals that work in it should strive to gain the recognition and resources deserved and needed to ensure success. In this informative session, we will outline steps for recognizing, communicating, and selling the value facilities delivers to the organization. The intent is for each professional to be better equipped to raise the bar within their organization and to collectively help drive the industry toward this utopian view for facilities.

1. Define means for recognizing and calculating FM department value
2. Identify key steps for monitoring and tracking performance
3. Discuss methods for communicating and selling the value of facilities
4. Review tips for winning a seat at the executive table

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400 Ballroom