Architectural and Engineering Services - Baltimore 2018


Exhibiting Company
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Video Showcase
Booth: 2664
Professional building surveyors producing expert floorplans — PDF, 3D models.

Booth: 2673
The group of experts in energy efficiency and building optimization.
Booth: 506
Sensors and analytics to help plan and manage office spaces.

Booth: 1222
The Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Baltimore).

Booth: 1947
Innovative, paperless asset management solutions; industrial hygiene services; stormwater management.

Booth: 2026
Wall coatings & paint.
Booth: 1949
On-Premise and Cloud Based FM Software Solutions. 10+Icon

Booth: 1417
Freeze protection for hot water, cold water and steam coils.
Booth: 2245
Offers commissioning, acceptance testing, infrared, engineering solutions and maintenance programs.

Booth: 2551
National A/E consulting firm providing capital planning services.

Booth: 1618
Quality commercial door hardware with exceptional customer service.
Booth: 2663
Legionella Water System Flow Diagrams, ASHRAE 188, CMS MEMO S&C 17-30.

Booth: 2665
Empowering Facility Professionals in the Mid-Atlantic-Providing Education, Encouragement and Certification

Booth: 2631
ISES Corporation provides Facilities Condition Assessments and other facilities services.

Booth: 1931
item is the developer, producer of the original modular aluminum system.

Booth: 418
Fire and security consulting.

Booth: 2567
Non-Destructive Pipework Inspection, Corrosion Analysis, Materials Testing, Weld Inspection.

Booth: 409
An Authoritative Source of Innovative Solutions for the Built Environment.

Booth: 1504
Architectural Door Hardware/PDQ Smart — Access Management via Smartphone App.

Booth: 2669
Flood Doors and Flood Wall Barriers. Solutions that hold water.
Booth: 2409
Falcon FS95 and BlueLift B72 COMBO.
Booth: 2254
Full service disaster restoration, energy, engineering and commissioning.
Booth: 1804
Engineering, design, and technical consulting strategies for the built environment.

Booth: 2638
Elevators, escalators, service and modernization.
Booth: 2358
Sodexo is a Qaulity of Life company.
Booth: 1525
Corrosion Solutions for Dry, Preaction and Wet Fire Protection Systems.
Booth: 1500
No-dig and non-invasive pipe renewal service provider.

Booth: 2139
StructureCare® Mitigates Risk and Maximizes Service Life of Parking Garages.

Booth: 1622
Versico manufactures premium single-ply roofing systems.