Maintenance Products/Services - Baltimore 2019


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Video Showcase
Booth: 2043
CDC Anti-Clog #1 Preventative maintenance condensate drain pan treatment.

Booth: 2463
Full service, custom commercial maintenance company.

Booth: 2514
Simplifies management of devices/data in buildings through innovative IoT applications.

Booth: 2127
Grilles, Diffusers and Eggcrate.
Booth: 2143
Steam Trap Survey and Repairs.

Booth: 1724
Manufacturer of synchronized time and emergency communication technology.

Booth: 1400
AquaTray® - Leak Barrier Ceilings capture and drain away overhead leaks.
Booth: 2242
Coating and sealer products for a variety of applications/finishes.
Booth: 1315
AFE remains the leading certification resource for facilities engineering.

Booth: 2021
Evaporative cooling towers, fluid coolers, condensers, ice thermal storage.

Booth: 2007
Providing qualified service-contract, maintenance and emergency-repair vendors. FREE!

Booth: 2219
BRAVO! Group Services is a full service facility solutions company.
Booth: 2426
The premier energy efficiency training for facilities staff.

Booth: 2129
Busch Systems is recycling made simple.
Booth: 2533
Glass and storefront construction and repair.
Booth: 2353
North America's largest full service commercial roofing and flooring contractor.
Booth: 2250
Anti-slip solutions.
Booth: 2446
CWP specializes in providing turn-key recycling programs and zero waste consulting.

Booth: 2138
Industrial water treatment, Legionella programs. 10 Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2346
FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor eliminates guesswork from filter servicing.
Booth: 2159
Providing commercial roofing solutions in the Eastern US.

Booth: 2524
Replace, repair, maintain commercial roofs and snow removal.

Booth: 1823
Manufacturer of abrasive tools to clean, polish, remove, prep facility floors.
Booth: 2531
Easi File: the World's Best Large Document Storage System.
Booth: 1722
Drain and sewer cleaning equipment, and pipeline inspection camera systems.

Booth: 2345
Why Repipe? Avoid the mess. We fix pipes IN-PLACE.

Booth: 2271
Specializing in the maintenance and support of commercial, industrial properties.

Booth: 1411
Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).
Booth: 2447
Provider of computerized maintenance management software(CMMS)and services.
Booth: 2307
Kohler generators, Paralleling Switchgear, ATS, 24hr Parts service.
Booth: 2341
Fire and Life Safety testing/inspections and preventive maintenance services.

Booth: 1814
Maintenance/engineering carts designed to provide an extremely efficient work method.
Booth: 2319
Inspect electrical equipment faster, safer with FLIR IR Windows.

Booth: 1816
Professional grade industrial floor coatings, now supporting facility self-install.
Booth: 2273
High-performance roofing and maintenance solutions. 10YrIcon

Booth: 1945
100% silicone architectural coatings, roof coatings and sealants.

Booth: 1601
General Pipe Cleaners manufactures a full line of drain cleaning machinery.
Booth: 2427
Fans, circulators, gravity ventilators, dampers, louvers, energy recovery and more!

Booth: 1834
Commercial and Specialty Roofing Contractor.

Booth: 2260
Anti-icing and de-icing equipment and parts.

Booth: 2363
A recognized leader in commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Booth: 2267
Building restoration — masonry, commercial roofing, roof repair, flooring systems.
Booth: 1520
Smart water management.

Booth: 1714
Certifying professionals in fire life safety and testing, adjusting and balancing.

Booth: 2141
Air duct cleaning, Hood & kitchen equipment cleaning, industrial cleaning.

Booth: 1703
Aerial Work Platforms.

Booth: 2158
Safety Systems, Guardrails, Anchor Points, Lifelines, Free Audits, Fall Protection.

Booth: 2412
America's Premier Key Management Systems. Key management, simplified.

Booth: 2244
Industrial staffing.

Booth: 2318
Industry leader in commercial screw in retrofits. In 2018, LED merged with Remphos expanding on an already innovative line of retofit bits, fixtures and specialty LEDS for unique applications.

Booth: 2413
LED Lighting supplier and installer. Site surveys, rebate processing, financing.

Booth: 2445
Electrical and Mechanical Industrial hands-on training.

Booth: 2042
Custom designed breathable floor matting in unlimited sizes and shapes.

Booth: 2435
Electric industrial vehicles and mission specific 4 wheel steering trailers.
Booth: 2218
Mobile-Shop professional maintenance systems.
Booth: 2540
Voice of the Fire Sprinkler Industry since 1905.

Booth: 2473
Heat exchanger cleaning, refurbishing and replacement.
Booth: 2116
Leading industry parking lot maintenance national service provider.
Booth: 2361
Experts in Commercial Paving, Concrete, Snow Removal. Great customer service.

Booth: 1323
Concrete polishing, cleaning, sealing, maintenance.

Booth: 2136
Floor care maintenance, window cleaning, janitorial services.

Booth: 2459
Serves local and national accounts for their asphalt and concrete needs.

Booth: 2552
Proactive asphalt repairs using "Hot In Place" thermal repair method.
Booth: 1401
The Power Pusher Dumpster Moverâ„¢ can easily move 500-6,000 lbs.
Booth: 2142
Trip hazard.

Booth: 2320
CMMS software, assets, work orders, projects, PMs with mobile apps.
Booth: 1620
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Booth: 1813
Mail/Print Room Management, IP Video Security, Document Scanning/Conversion
Booth: 1502
SureSeal floor drain trap sealer, and other plumbing products.
Booth: 1800
Access equipment, power lifts.

Booth: 1517
RIDGID manufactures tools trusted globally by trade professionals.
Booth: 2249
SealMaster is the one-stop-source for sealcoating material, pavement maintenance and equipment.

Booth: 2448
Continuous geared hinges for high traffic doors, new or retrofit.
Booth: 2061
Commercial paving, stormwater management, concrete work and utility installation.
Booth: 1511
Skylight by Site 1001 is a big data platform for buildings.
Booth: 2551
Snowmelting equipment.
Booth: 2343
Corrosion Solutions for Dry, Preaction and Wet Fire Protection Systems.
Booth: 2425
Automatic door service and installation.

Booth: 2370
Professional deep cleaning floor care and upholstery services.
Booth: 2024
Benefit from national expertise/buying power the leading facility supplier.
Booth: 1508
Steadyrack, the ideal vertical bike parking, bike storage solution.
Booth: 2036
StructureCare® Mitigates Risk and Maximizes Service Life of Parking Garages.

Booth: 2366
Metal,stone & wood refinishing. Chandelier & carpet care.

Booth: 1830
Design, manufacture, install, test fall protection equipment.

Booth: 2259
Street sweeping and storm drain cleaning.

Booth: 2236
Fire alarm & Emergency communication for Building Life safety systems NFPA.
Booth: 2453
Tecta America is a full service commercial roofing contractor.
Booth: 2546
Hand-held test, measurement and vibration equipment.

Booth: 2572
Water treatment, food grade, deicing, agricultural salt & brine systems.

Booth: 2526
Facility management software.
Booth: 2124
Maintenance Management Software.

Booth: 2368
Pavement Preservation Specialists. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon
Booth: 2052
Manufacturer and distributor of facility maintenance products.
Booth: 1944
Asphalt repairs and long-term pavement maintenance.
Booth: 1938
Recycling hazardous and universal waste.
Booth: 1936
Fire and Life Safety Testing, Maintenance & Construction Services.
Booth: 1735
Easy to use solutions for a variety of maintenance needs.
Booth: 1627
WearMax Ceramic Floor Coatings.
Booth: 2240
Battery testers — pulse load.

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