Sustainable Interior Products - Baltimore 2019


Exhibiting Company
Booth #
Video Showcase
Booth: 1611
Avalon manufactures high-quality water coolers that save you money.

Booth: 2129
Busch Systems is recycling made simple.
Booth: 2261
CS creates products that solve building challenges around the world.

Booth: 2207
Remanufactured office systems from the industry leaders.
Booth: 1701
Office Furniture and Fitness Equipment Dealership.

Booth: 2229
Nationwide provider of innovative office furniture and related services.

Booth: 1816
Professional grade industrial floor coatings, now supporting facility self-install.

Booth: 1925
LIVE Moss Wellness Walls for Naturalizing Spaces and Revitalizing indoor air.
Booth: 2044
Waterproof Ceiling Tile, Waterproof Wall Panels, Wall Protection Systems.

Booth: 2152
Doors and entrance systems.

Booth: 2366
Metal,stone & wood refinishing. Chandelier & carpet care.