Convince Your Boss

NFMT attendees know that this is the #1 place to come to gather new knowledge and skill sets to advance in their career.

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To help justify your trip, we’ve created a few tools you can use when applying for approval to come to NFMT:

Quick return on investment

The average NFMT attendee will spend less than $700 on travel and expenses. The return on that investment is almost immediate when the knowledge acquired at NFMT is applied in an organization.

Share your knowledge with the team

As an NFMT attendee, you’ll receive access to all the presentations after the conference. This provides a great opportunity to share the knowledge you received at NFMT and share with your team.

Time out of the office will not be wasted

We understand that it is hard to leave the building for a few days. Luckily, we live in a society that can be reached 24/7; we promise that Baltimore has cell service and WiFi! Take this time to spend a few days with other facilities managers, and come back excited to tackle the largest obstacles in your facilities.

As you know, sometimes getting the requested funding to attend takes a while. We suggest you request approval as soon as possible. To start this process, feel free to use the NFMT Proposal Letter.

Download NFMT Proposal Letter

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