Defining Sustainability for FMs and the C-Suite: People, Planet, Profit

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The drivers behind Sustainability vary and can include Branding or Shareholder Perception, Altruism, Regulatory Requirements, Budget Stability, and Operating Costs to name a few. CEOs are concerned about: availability of key skills, high or volatile energy and raw materials costs, shifts in consumer spending and behavior, and supply chain disruption. Basic tasks to organize a Sustainability Program, and how to communicate those tasks to the C-Suite for support and implementation, are critical elements to be well versed in.

The discussion will outline how to develop a “business case” to be presented to management to obtain approval to begin to develop a baseline, conduct assessments and develop a potential list of projects. Quantifying the enterprises’ current greenhouse gas emissions level in order to establish a program baseline requires management commitment and approval.
The “business case” will provide management with the justification and understanding of the tangible benefits from implementing a comprehensive sustainability program that benefits the workforce, meets stake holders’ expectations, reduces the impact on the planet, and is financially beneficial.

Start Time:

3/30/2022 3:00:00 PM

End Time:

3/30/2022 4:00:00 PM

1. Importance of having a Sustainability Program in place.
2. How Facility Managers can engage staff and get them to “buy in” to the sustainability program.
3. Proposed tasks and components for development of the “Business Case” document.
4. Functional Areas of Sustainability to be reviewed.

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