Everything Old is New Again: Protocol Changes in the FM Work Environment

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After what seemed like an interminable hiatus, some companies have activated the return of employees to the office. Where this has been instituted companies have established a hybrid work schedule where some employees come into the office, some work remotely and some do both. This hybrid mix of work appears to be the new frontier for the immediate future. Many employees eagerly awaited the returned to their offices, but feedback indicates that a large percentage of hybrid workers are finding their former workplace is not the way they remember it. Many things have changed, and the office isn’t the office anymore. FM organizations are finding their own staff and their customers are having a hard time adjusting to the new world of work. Most office environments bear little or no resemblance to the one employees left behind when they started working remotely, which means that FM organizations must retool many of the former protocols that used to work well. This session explores the practices associated with the hybrid work environment and how FM organizations can make the transition less stressful for themselves and those they serve.

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3/29/2022 9:15:00 AM

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3/29/2022 10:15:00 AM

1. Assessing which aspects of customer culture are important to maintain in the revamped in-office work environment.
2. Addressing which physical aspects of in-office modifications work for customer organizations.
3. Assisting customers and your own FM organization on how to stimulate in-office interaction in the new frontier of virtuality.
4. Adjusting FM protocols to meet needs of hybrid work environments.

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