Finding new ways to use old data for better space and utilisation management

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Before the pandemic companies were slowly changing the way they worked, incorporating hybrid, flexible and work from home into their office hours with the emphasis still on the office. During the pandemic many organizations were forced to make their employees work at home but now they want them back there is a lot more pressure to even the scales between office and virtual work. The office is still a necessity and with employees coming in on staggered schedules it has created a need for more in-depth information into how the office is being used, by who and how often. Many companies already have a lot of data that can help answer these questions. We discuss the ways that you can use your current data, with real-life application, and show how this can be interpreted into useful information to manage your workspace efficiently and effectively. It is a low investment option to answer the questions you have about your workspace.

Start Time:

3/29/2022 8:00:00 AM

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3/29/2022 9:00:00 AM

1. Explain the multiple methods that companies use to collect data about who is in the office.
2.  Demonstrate how real clients have used data they were already collecting and interpreting it to create meaningful information.
3. Compare the differences between pre and post pandemic hybrid working.
4.  The benefits of full engagement with enterprise-wide IT resources.

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