How Roofing Complements Whole-Building Sustainability and Wellness Strategies

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About this session:

Structures were developed to protect mankind from the elements. Over the centuries, the function of structures has evolved from primarily living spaces to structures that contain all types of gatherings, such as work, education, play, health care, manufacturing, and technology. As the uses for structures have increased, the functions of the buildings have advanced. Structures must now do more than merely protect from wind, precipitation, and the sun. Current structure considerations now include esthetics, manageability, durability, budget-impact, and energy-efficiency.

The changes in required functions to the structure should also be ascribed to its largest protective component – the roof.

When it comes time to replace a roof, a facility manager should not automatically replace it in kind or base decisions solely on the lowest bid results. The new roof system should be chosen based on its ability to enhance other aspects of a building’s resilience, sustainability, wellness strategies, and long-term durability. This presentation will inform attendees on how the selection of a roof system based on the overall functional objectives of the building can provide continuous value over the life of the structure while contributing to the building’s wellness strategies.

Start Time:

3/29/2022 8:00:00 AM

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3/29/2022 9:00:00 AM

  1. Participants will learn about the recent changes to roof materials and application methods.
  2. Detailed discussion about how roof materials impact a building’s sustainability and how they contribute to energy efficiency.
  3. Participants will also learn how roof design and application can benefit other building wellness strategies that required in today’s market.
  4. The presentation will provide examples of how the value-added benefits could include energy-efficiency, long-lasting value, and improved employee productivity

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