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Smart City Use Case: Overcoming the Connectivity Challenges of Aging Infrastructure

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About this session:

Connectivity is a major challenge for IoT deployments in aging buildings. More fortified structures limit the use of wireless connectivity protocols, and older building systems without built-in internet connectivity are more difficult to monitor. In this session, attendees will learn how a major US city improved the maintenance of one of its oldest properties after successfully deploying an IoT system to monitor its water pumps and elevators.

1. Identify connectivity options for IoT applications in older buildings
2. Learn strategies to find the simplest and least expensive method to establish connectivity in aging properties
3. Name ways to decrease maintenance costs with a remote monitoring system
4. List creative strategies for retrofitting aging infrastructure for the smart city movement

Start Time:

3/28/2019 2:45:00 PM

End Time:

3/28/2019 3:45:00 PM

Presented by:

Jessica Califano
Head of Marketing and Communications

Vaughn Shinall
Head of Product Outreach

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