The Digital Twin - Time to Start Using Your Big Data to Your Advantage

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The Digital Twin -Syyclops- is a middleware linking building assets with on-demand analytics. Building data is summarized into smart start-to-end work flows on a single platform. Syyclops assists in making more timely, cost-sensitive decisions in response to operational problems through its capital planning, controls, and continuous monitoring features. Syyclops helps to advance performance of organizations that have limited resources. Dunbar High School, a modern education facility with sophisticated engineering systems, was piloted. Syyclops could be integrated, and results measured. Syyclops integrated a wide range of building equipment information systems including, indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors in response to the Covid pandemic. The IAQ sensors were programmed to detect unhealthy levels. High and low ranges are set according to standards and a sequence of operations was designed to correct the out-of-range situation. Historical data and heat maps utilized to visualize building conditions, including sensors alarms, work orders, and remaining useful life. With such configuration, Syyclops improves workforce deployment and utilization, improves energy efficiency, and reduces overall costs by directing limited resources to operations and maintenance priorities.

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3/29/2022 8:00:00 AM

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3/29/2022 9:00:00 AM

1. Provide an overview of how Syyclops works and its usefulness in improving building operations performance
2. Describe how data is collected and displayed in Syyclops
3. Define the steps  in setting up and maintaining a digital twin such as Syyclops
4. Describe how data streams are useful for the FM in Syyclops

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1 hour

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