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Solutions Exchange

Wednesday March 27, 2019
5:00 pm
Pratt Street Lobby

2 happy attendees

Join us for Solutions Exchange where you can discuss important topics over beers. Select up to three topics from below for a 20 minute discussion.


Your Checklist for Window Replacement

When undertaking a window replacement project there are many things to think about. Join our discussion to learn more about our 19 point checklist which will help you identify the key details to think about before, during and after the project. Whether working through an architect or direct with the owner, standard or custom windows, Apogee Renovation will discuss the fundamentals involved in completing a smooth, successful, great looking project.

BACnet International

Driving the Open Protocol for Smart Buildings

Attend this table to learn how to facilitate the successful use of the BACnet Standard in building automation and control systems. BACnet International is an industry association that facilitates the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs and promotional activities.

BASF Corporation

Sustainable Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing

Join the discussion on the advantages of selecting a SPF roofing solution. It offers excellent retrofit applications, reducing the need to tear-off much of the existing roof. This system increases R-value, and reduces installation and maintenance costs, while being renewable and resistant against hurricanes and mechanical damage.

Lighting Breakthroughs

Should you Retrofit or Replace? (Do LED Retrofit Kits Fit Your Needs)

The changes in the LED Lighting marketplace are always changing and keeping up with what is available is tough. Knowing which solution is best of you is even more challenging. How do you select the solution that meets your ROI requirements while still meeting your lighting goals. Bring your questions so that we can get you answers.


Why Distributed Energy Is Right for Your Business

Attend this table discussion to learn if distributed energy is right for your business. Learn how distributed energy uses smaller-scale technologies that produce power close to where it’s needed. Also, understand how asset-backed demand response can provide a guaranteed outcome every month on energy expenditures along with assets that can be engineered for specific generation need.


How Do You Know What You Don’t Know in FM?

The facility management industry is changing rapidly and the demands on facility professionals seems to be growing daily. Join us to talk about the expectations on today’s FMs and how you can ensure your skills match those expectations.

Sauers Snow & Ice Management

Best Practices for Budgeting Snow and Ice Management Services

Join the current discussion surrounding Fixed Seasonal Pricing, (which includes all plowing, shoveling and deicing services for any amount of snow) versus Cap & Floor Seasonal Pricing (which sets at a particular minimum and maximum inch total with built-in rebates).

Stuart Dean Company

Carpet Care - Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Hundreds of millions of square feet of carpet are installed annually. Many technologies and processes have been developed to maintain carpet, both new and old. Join Tom and learn the history of carpet maintenance and some common problems owners experience. Learn how the right choices can reduce your total cost of ownership.

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