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Advertising & Marketing Opportunities

Marketing your participation is key to helping you have a successful NFMT experience.

We have several no cost and low cost options for you.

Free Opportunities

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All Access Pass
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Low Cost Opportunities

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Product Showcase
Passport to Prizes
Solutions Exhchange
Networking & Meeting Request
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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Exhibitor Resources

Thank you for being an NFMT 2019 Exhibitor! Please review the following information.

Exhibitor Alert

It has been brought to our attention that scam artists, fraudulent companies and vendors not contracted by event management have been targeting exhibitors participating in tradeshows across the country.

Be aware of companies posing as vendors for the event that are not contracted by event management. Some scams include housing, buyers lists, directory listings, and onsite services. NFMT is produced and organized by Trade Press Media Group and ROC Exhibitions Inc.

If you are contacted by any outside company you find suspicious or are unsure whether they are a legitimate authorized vendor for this event, please contact Theresa Urbancyzk (turbanczyk@showmgmtservices.com) and if possible include any e-mail communication you received from this vendor.

There are many companies out there claiming to have our Attendee list or to be the official provider for list rentals or housing reservations. Do NOT fall victim to these scams.

While the companies may use the NFMT name in their solicitations, they are NOT affiliated with the event or working on our behalf.

NFMT Exhibitors receive the registrant contact list (mailing information only) once prior to the show (30 days pre-event) and once after the show (10 days post-event).

How do they get Exhibitor Information?

We do not sell or give our exhibitor list with contact information to any outside vendors. Only the official contractors receive exhibitor information so you are able to order their event services.

To promote your participation in the event and in an effort to drive Attendees to your booth, we publish the Exhibitor list with the link to your website, but we do not publish contacts or E-mail addresses.

What steps do we take when we are notified of a solicitation?

  • If they use the NFMT name, we send them a cease and desist letter.
  • We file a complaint with the Public Domain Registry
  • What can you do to stop the E-mails from these companies?

When you receive an E-mail forward to us at info@rocexhibitions.com.

  • Hit reply to the e-mail and type REMOVE FROM LIST in the subject line and hit send.
  • Block the sender's E-mail and the domain in your junk E-mail settings.
  • Click here for a list of domains that have solicited Exhibitors over the years. Many junk e-mail settings will allow you to import a list of domains to block.

We understand the frustration this causes. We need to work together to stop these companies from benefiting from these tactics.

NFMT Event Management

Event Information

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Schedule at-a-Glance
Event Contacts & Offical Contractors
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form 2/15/19 Add to Calendar
Exhibitor Deadline Checklist See Dates

Rules & Regulations

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Space Contract Rules & Regulations
Exhibit Space Display & Event Regulations
Convention Center Rules & Regulations
Height Regulations: Inline & Linear Exhibit Space
Height Regulations: Perimeter Exhibit Spaces
Height Regulations: Island Exhibit Spaces
Height Regulations: Other Exhibit Spaces
Multi-Level Exhibit Spaces / Hanging Sign Requirements

Official Event Contractor

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NFMT Full Kit
This is a .pdf of the complete NFMT Exhibitor Resources Kit. This can be downloaded in its entirety.

Individual forms can be found under specified sections within the Exhibitor Resources and can be downloaded individually.
Shepard Online Ordering Link
Online Ordering Instructions
Show Information & Quick Facts
Payment Authorization
Third Party Payment Authorization 2/26/2019 Add to Calendar
Shepard Terms, Conditions & Glossary

Displaying A Vehicle

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Vehicle Display Authorization Form 2/15/2019 Add to Calendar
Mobile Spotting Form 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar

Move Out Information

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Exhibitor Move Out Reminder
Outbound Marshaling Yard Instructions
Outbound Material Handling Authorization & Shipping Labels

Flooring & Furnishings

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Signature Series Packages 3/5/2019
Signature Flooring, Carpet & Padding 3/5/2019
Expo Furnishings 3/5/2019
Specialty Furniture Catalog
Specialty Furniture Pricing 3/5/2019

Rental Exhibits

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Inline Booth Rentals 2/22/2019 Add to Calendar
Island Booth Rentals 2/22/2019 Add to Calendar
Exhibit Rental Counters, Display & Charging Stations 2/22/2019 Add to Calendar
FABEX Booth Rentals 2/22/2019 Add to Calendar

Signs & Graphics

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Graphic Guidelines & File Upload Instructions 2/22/2019
Graphics & Signs 2/22/2019 Add to Calendar
Hanging Rental Signs 2/22/2019 Add to Calendar
Overhead Rigging Labor & Equipment 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar
Hanging Sign Shipping Labels First Arrival Date: 2/26/2019
Last Day for Arrival: 3/15/2019
Add to Calendar
Grid Sheet for hanging signs 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar
Structural Integrity Statement
Hanging Sign Supplies 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar

Installation & Dismantle

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Labor Jurisdictions - Maryland & DC
Shepard Blue Supervised Labor 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar
Exhibitor Supervised Labor 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar
Forklift Rental & Rigging Labor 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar
Overhead Rigging Labor & Equipment 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar
Structural Integrity Statement 3/5/2019 Add to Calendar

Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)

Link Due Date Add To Calendar
POV Loading & Unloading & Request for Dock Pass 3/8/2019 Add to Calendar
Cartload Material Handling Form


Link Due Date Add To Calendar
Advance to Warehouse Labels First Day Freight Can Arrive: 2/26/19
Last Day Freight Can Arrive: 3/15/19
Add to Calendar
Direct to Show Site Labels Cannot Deliver Before: 3/24/19 Add to Calendar
Hanging Sign Shipping Labels First Day Freight Can Arrive: 2/26/19
Last Day Freight Can Arrive: 3/15/19
Add to Calendar
On Site Storage 3/5/2019
Warehouse Storage 3/5/2019
Outbound Material Handling Authorization & Shipping Labels 3/5/2019
Shepard Logistic Services **Only if you want to ship your materials via Shepard**

Material Handling

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Shipping vs Material Handling
Material Handling Information & Material Handling 101
Material Handling Rates
Machinery Shipping Info & Machinery Rates First Day Freight Can Arrive: 2/26/19
Last Day Freight Can Arrive: 3/15/19
Add to Calendar
Vehicle Authorization & Mobile Spotting Fee 2/11/2019 Add to Calendar

Other Contractors & Services

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Audio Visual & Computer Rental 3/13/19 Add to Calendar
Exhibit Space Cleaning 3/13/19 Add to Calendar
Business Center
Coming Soon
Electrical & Plumbing Services 3/5/19 Add to Calendar
Floral & Plant Rental
Food & Beverage Menus 3/15/19 Add to Calendar
Sample Distribution Request Form 2/20/19 Add to Calendar
Lead Retrieval Catalog Early Bird: 1/25/19
Advance: 2/11/19
Add to Calendar
Lead Retrieval Pricing Sheet
Security 3/12/19 Add to Calendar
Telephone & Internet 3/5/19 Add to Calendar


What is the Cost to Reserve a Booth?

NFMT charges $44.00 per square foot, so for a 10x10 booth the space rental would be $4,400.00. Discounts are available for larger space. There is no additional charge for corner booths or booths in specific pavilions. Please contact your account executive for more information.

What is Included with Exhibit Space?

  • Company & Product Listing on NFMT.com during the NFMT 2019 promotional cycle, enhanced when you upload a company or product brochure and/or video
  • Complimentary event directory listing *If listing is received by the deadline*
  • Pre-and post-event registration mailing lists
  • No cost marketing tools: web banner ads, personalized HTML email campaigns, and unique URLs
  • 24 hour exhibit hall perimeter security
  • 7" x 33" company identification sign
  • Standard 8 ft. backwall and 3ft. Side rail drape
  • Onsite exhibitor lounge
  • Unlimited exhibitor staff badges

Do you Charge Additional Fees for Corner Placement?

No, we do not. Exhibit space is $44.00 per square foot, regardless of the location you select.

How Do I Register?

Exhibitor Registration is available online. Click here to register your staff.

For information on attendee registration for clients and end users, please click here.

Are there special hotel rates for NFMT?

NFMT offers a variety of comfortable and affordable accommodations. We have reserved an exclusive room block with discounted rates, available on a first-come, first-served basis at area hotels. Each one is within walking distance of the convention center. Reserve your hotel today.

Does the Baltimore Convention Center offer parking?

The Baltimore Convention Center does not have parking. However parking is available adjacent to the Convention Center at Camden Yards, Lot C. We do offer a free shuttle service from the Camden Yards - Lot C parking lot to the Pratt Street entrance of the convention center. In addition, there are a number of affordable parking options located throughout Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Click here for complete parking information.

How Can I Stay Up to Date About NFMT Before and During the Event?

We will automatically send you exhibitor updates starting 8 weeks before NFMT. In addition, join our NFMT pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and promote the #NFMT19 on all three.

I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?


Bernice Alcantar


Christina Luporini

Conference Sessions

Amy Brown
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Marketing/Advertising Opportunities

Laura Koski

Accounting / Invoices / Payment

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Theresa Urbanczyk

Exhibit Sales & Sponsorships

Laurie Vega
Accounts A-B & Numeric
414-228-7701 Ext. 482

Nick Fetek
Accounts E-K
414-228-7701 Ext. 449

Kayleigh Norton
Accounts C-D & L-P
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Accounts Q-Z
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