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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/18/2018 - 11/24/2018

Understanding Plastic Piping Choices

At one time, the choice for piping was fairly simple: Copper tubing was suitable for potable water and situations where relatively small-diameter pipes and relatively low pressures were needed.

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Texas Children’s, like most organizations, also must work within a budget.

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Read This » Roof Inspections: 3 Key Questions

Developing and implementing a comprehensive roof inspection plan is absolutely crucial to ensuring the longevity of any roof system.

Read This » Deferred Maintenance: Formulating a Plan

Orange County, Fla., faced a dilemma in 2012 that is familiar to maintenance and engineering managers: Many of its more than 400 facilities were showing their age, maintenance costs were rising, and resources to address the issues were getting thin. “Rising energy consumption, increased utility demand charges and rates, and excessive wear and tear on (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) systems were causing a major drain on finances,” says Richard Steiger, the county’s facilities manager.

Read This » 4 Steps to Respond to New Energy Star Metrics

Although the ENERGY STAR score is a useful metric for communicating a building’s energy performance to others, it's important for facility managers to take this opportunity to raise awareness of their building’s other important metrics, such as energy use intensity or cost savings over time, says Leslie Cook, national program manager for the Energy Star Tools Team at EPA.

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Nickel-zinc batteries are similar to nickel-metal hydride batteries.

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Liquid cooling for data centers is extremely common.

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When my nephew got his first smartphone, he downloaded a beverage app that made his screen look like a full glass of liquid.

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