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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/14/2018 - 1/20/2018

Water Heaters: Savvy Specification Strategies

Water heaters are essential components in the efforts of maintenance and engineering managers to ensure the comfort of building occupants, as well as the energy-efficient operation of buildings.

Read This » Water Heaters: Understanding Building Needs

Maximizing a water heater’s efficiency depends largely on understanding the facility in which it will be installed.

Read This » Water Heaters: Post-Installation Protections

Beyond savvy specification and successful installation, the most effective component for ensuring a water heater operates energy-efficiently over the long haul is to follow through with a comprehensive program of monitoring and maintenance.

Read This » Roofing Inspections, Maintenance Can Prevent Leaks

Roofs may be both an organization’s most valuable and most vulnerable assets.

Read This » How To Do Roof Evaluations For Long-Term Roof Success

Being proactive in the roof evaluation process will allow the facility manager to manage the roofing assets on a prioritized basis and to develop a successful long-range roofing program. Prior to starting a roof evaluation, review any existing information relative to the current roofing system.

Read This » How To Inspect and Evaluate Roofing Membrane Conditions

A primary focus of the roofing evaluation should be membrane conditions.

Read This » Utilizing Parksmart and LEED Certifications

Real estate owners are amplifying the sustainable impact of their properties by embracing both LEED and Parksmart certifications.

Read This » Mowers: Cost Considerations of Owning vs. Leasing

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate mower — or any piece of commercial landscape maintenance equipment — grounds managers need to understand certain driving factors.

Read This » Mowers: Factors in Specification Process

The issue of mower inspection, repair and service also factors into the specification process, since managers need to understand whether they need to commit in-house resources. Should in-house mechanics and operators handle the duties? If the decision is to take equipment to the dealer, managers need to know the rates they charge, their scheduling practices, and the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Departments that handle service in-house still need to follow these intervals.

Read This » Mowers: Focusing on Safety and Long-Term Performance

While equipment cost and service requirements receive much-deserved attention from managers during the mower specification process, smart managers know they also must pay attention to the safety features and functions of a mower to ensure reliable long-term performance.

Read This » Are Air Source Heat Pumps Worth A Closer Look?

We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the use of fossil fuels to heat buildings.

Read This » Know The Pros and Cons of VRFs and Air Source Heat Pumps

Both VRF systems and smaller air source heat pumps have variable speed compressors and fans, with a roughly 3:1 turndown ratio (ratio of maximum to minimum speed), so the “variable” designation really applies to both large and small systems.

Read This » How To Achieve High Efficiency With Air Source Heat Pumps

The efficiency of air source heat pumps has historically been a concern, especially in colder climates, going back to their launch in the 1970s.

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