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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/17/2021 - 1/23/2021

Refrigerant Choices Evolving to Benefit Social and Climate Needs

What’s the role of refrigerants in climate change? And what are facility managers and building owners doing about it today? As facility managers know, refrigerants matter.

Read This » Rent or Buy? Making a Smart Decision on MEWPs

Lifts — now commonly called mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) — have become essential tools in many institutional and commercial facilities with tough-to-reach equipment and areas, such as gymnasium and auditorium lighting and exterior facades.

Read This » Advanced Criteria for Mower Selection

After working through these four major components, managers are likely to find that their choices of manufacturers have decreased, and they will have narrowed their brand options.

Read This » How to Measure Results of Design Shifts to All-Inclusive Restrooms

Modifying restrooms to provide more equitable access for gender, religious needs, and to meet the various levels of disabilities facing a building’s population comes with a cost.  But as Horn points out, more and more consumers, especially younger customers, are choosing to patronize brands and businesses that are socially responsible.

Read This » 3 Strategies for Promoting Psychological Safety During the Pandemic

The CDC and OSHA have provided best practices for businesses to ensure safe operations.

Read This » Restroom Technology Upgrades Can Aid Coronavirus Mitigation Efforts

With user expectations and project timing in mind, managers can move on to the critical question of which products to select for installation in the upgraded space.

Read This » 3 Crucial Aspects of the Frictionless Smart Building

The frictionless experience is expected today.

Read This » 4 Strategies for Advanced Air Filtration

Before, beyond, and in addition to an HVAC upgrade, building owners and operators may find it both necessary and useful to specify filtration enhancements to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Legionella, and other airborne illnesses.

Read This » Set Goals, Assemble Team for Successful Asset Inventory

The intent of a CMMS asset inventory is to gather data that will be useful to the specific processes within the organization’s asset management program.

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