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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/19/2020 - 1/25/2020

Looking Ahead to Future Security Scenarios

It’s impossible to predict when and to what extent a change in technology will cause disruption.

Read This » Paints and Coatings Finishes Contribute to Performance, Appearance

Paint and coating finishes range from flat to glossy.

Read This » CMMS Specification To Ensure the 'Right' Fit

How can managers ensure they select the most appropriate software? First, focus on the needs of the organization.

Read This » FM's Role in Sustainable HVAC Planning

In sustainable HVAC design, the facility manager’s first role is to ensure that discussions of HVAC systems take place in the earliest planning and design discussions.

Read This » Smart Building Use Case: Retail Facilities

Here’s a use case demonstrating the benefits of smart-building technology for a typical dry-retail store. To track more assets: Install an indoor positioning system to track guests based on the store’s smartphone application for registered users.

Read This » Understanding Equipment Training Needs To Maximize Safety

The first step for managers in understanding department training needs is identifying those that are mandatory.

Read This » Key Door Hardware Components for Safety and Security

Understanding door hardware options and opportunities is the first step in turning threats and weaknesses into strengths.

Read This » How to Get Staff Buy-In for Energy Efficiency

To gain buy-in for energy conservation projects from rank-and-file workers, it’s increasingly important to highlight the projects’ environmental benefits, Holesko says.

Read This » Winter Maintenance Considerations for Steep-Sloped Roofing

Winter weather can also have a negative impact on steep-slope roof systems.

Read This » Head of the Class: Specifying and Installing Geothermal Systems

Among the largest investments the Davenport Community School District has made to improve the energy efficiency of its facilities involves replacing aging, poorly performing HVAC systems with geothermal systems, which provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. “In every possible system in addition to HVAC, we’ve made choices based on energy savings,” Maloney says.

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