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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/15/2019 - 12/21/2019

Why Communication, Documentation Are Critical Components of FM Legacy

It’s important to focus on strategic goals.

Read This » Security Spotlight: Card Readers and Door Hardware

Card-operated lock systems have become more popular components of access-control systems.

Read This » Safety Considerations for Drain Cleaning Equipment

Drain cleaning is a routine activity for technicians in maintenance and engineering departments, but that does not mean technicians can treat it casually.

Read This » How BIM Improves Healthcare Facility Design and Operations

BIM has uses beyond facilitating analysis of building energy.

Read This » Parking Structure Assessment: How to Do Material Sampling

A parking structure assessment may include on-site testing, material sampling, and laboratory analysis to evaluate the condition of concrete and embedded steel elements.  Non-invasive tests, which require minimal or no removal of materials, may include: • Chain drag survey: Used to detect delaminations in concrete parking decks.

Read This » Irrigation Issues for Sustainable Grounds

Methods for snow and ice removal around facilities are changing in ways that have made the process more effective and sustainable.

Read This » Lighting Controls Upgrades: Understanding Space Needs

Managers can tailor lighting control applications based on the space type, including these three major areas of facilities: Open offices.

Read This » Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Fire Alarm System

A good fire alarm replacement plan will consider the four factors that affect mission effectiveness (operational reliability): design, equipment, installation, and maintenance. System design, especially a replacement design, is a critical step to operational reliability that cannot be overlooked.

Read This » How Will Your Facilities Management Organization Proceed Without You?

In the book, Your Leadership Legacy, management guru Ken Blanchard writes, “The legacy you live is the legacy you leave.” It is essential for you to start living the guiding principles of the legacy you seek to establish.

Read This » Power in an Emergency with Generator Rental

A department might need to rent a generator because of an unscheduled outage, a utility company contract that allows for temporary grid shutdown during peaks or in fire season, or a planned overhaul.

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