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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/17/2017 - 12/23/2017

How To Hold Steady in a Fast-Paced FM World

The roster of speakers for the 2018 National Facilities Management & Technology Conference and Exposition (NFMT), March 20-22 at the Baltimore Convention Center, includes more than 100 leading experts.

Read This » Single-Occupancy, Gender-Neutral Restrooms Gaining Momentum

The typical restroom model found in many commercial buildings in the United States — partitioned stalls, common sinks, perhaps a changing table affixed to one wall, and a sign outside indicating the gender of those inside — remains prevalent, but is being joined by a range of options.

Read This » Universities Lead In Gender-Neutral Restroom Design

Over the past few years, the staff at the Virginia Tech Union received more requests from event organizers for gender-neutral facilities, says Eric Margiotta, associate director of student engagement and campus life.

Read This » How To Overcome Obstacles, Resistance to Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Even as single-occupant, often gender-neutral, restrooms become more popular, it’s not clear how prevalent they will become.

Read This » Dan Hounsell: Learning Lessons From Chaos

Nobody needed a reminder of the terrible and destructive toll that an emergency can take institutional and commercial facilities and occupants.

Read This » Technology Gains Boost Boiler Energy Efficiency

Designing new buildings to minimize energy consumption is now the norm, and has even become mandatory in some jurisdictions.

Read This » New Thinking In Boiler Design Leads to Better, More Efficient Systems

New projects can take advantage of formerly out of the box thinking.

Read This » Domestic Hot Water: Higher Efficiency Systems Available

For new commercial facilities, higher efficiency equipment is now available for every domestic hot water option.

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