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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/2/2022 - 1/8/2022

Technician Retention: Building a Positive Culture

Staffing challenges in maintenance and engineering departments in institutional and commercial facilities do not end when managers find qualified front-line technicians to carry out their department’s mission.

Read This » 5 Keys to Revitalizing Campus Heritage in Today’s Moment

As President Biden has recently signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment into law, college and university campuses across the country are also approaching an equally epic period of environmental and seismic upgrade mandates and a broader need for renewal of their growing inventory of aging facilities.

Read This » Are You Ready for the Challenges of 2022?

Where did 2021 go? It is amazing how fast last year flew by — maybe it seemed extra quick compared to the standstill that was 2020.

Read This » How to Choose the Right Process to Upgrade Fire and Life Safety Systems

Nationwide, there are tens of thousands of buildings with aging fire alarm and other fire protection systems, which were installed in years past as the most modern of devices at the time.

Read This » Strategies for Finding Skilled Maintenance Technicians

The staffing challenges facing maintenance and engineering departments are getting tougher.

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