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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/3/2019 - 2/9/2019

Water Management Plan Goes Beyond Legionella

Don’t get caught in thinking a Legionella plan is the same as a water management plan for a facility.

Read This » MEWPs: Buy or Rent?

By understanding the benefits of each MEWP type and category, as well as the pros and cons of each type to work a specific jobsite, managers can make an effective decision about whether the best course of action is to rent or buy a MEWP. “While some newer machine styles give a wider scope of application, they tend to come with a higher price tag,” Solhjem says.

Read This » LEDs: Manufacturer Matters

One essential element when incorporating LEDs into lighting upgrades is the role of the LED fixture manufacturer.

Read This » Is Your Building Ready for Impact of Remote Working?

You may have noticed less traffic in your office spaces on Friday afternoons, and it’s not because your tenants are starting their weekends early.

Read This » Edge Computing 101: What Facilities Managers Need To Know

Edge computing is moving into commercial buildings.

Read This » Connecting Sustainable Design and Efficient Operations

As expectations and industry standards for reducing energy and water use, increasing building operating efficiency, and achieving carbon neutrality continue to rise, a critical connection is unfolding between the early adoption of sustainable design strategies and significant reduction of a building’s environmental impact. Upgrades to green building standards have provided a solid framework to reach these goals, emphasizing sustainable operations as much as sustainable design.

Read This » Warehouse Innovations May Bring Tax Credits

Distribution centers and warehouses are the new brick-and-mortar for online retailers to store and distribute their goods to intermediary and end-user customers.

Read This » Utility Vehicles: Understanding Facility Needs

Up to the challenge? Once managers have assessed the condition of a utility vehicle, the next step is to determine whether the machine can meet the department’s requirements for the equipment or if a new unit is in order. Needs.

Read This » Drain Cleaning: Money Matters

Budgets are always a consideration for managers, and making decisions on drain cleaning equipment is no exception.

Read This » Large Portfolios Bring Construction Challenges

In many organizations, facility managers are expected to oversee dozens or even hundreds of construction projects.

Read This » How Energy Information Systems Bring Energy Savings

For facility managers interested in shaving energy costs and use, the latest buzz centers around energy information systems (EIS).

Read This » How To Maintain Life Safety Compliance in Healthcare Facilities

Achieving and maintaining life safety compliance in a healthcare facility can be a very daunting task.

Read This » At NFMT 2019, Connect and Network

Learning is as important as doing for building owners and facility managers.

Read This » Deferred Maintenance: Process for Performance

Facilities continue to age, no matter how effective maintenance is, so the process of tackling deferred maintenance never ends.

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