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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/7/2021 - 2/13/2021

How to Manage Successful Vendor Relationships

Upholding relationships with the vendors and contractors your organization chooses to do business with can make or break your facilities program.

Read This » Successful Specification Strategies for Utility Vehicles

For grounds managers looking to purchase a new utility vehicle, there have never been more choices.

Read This » Why Collaboration is Crucial for Asset Management

The seeds for the Facility Managers Network were planted during an executive leadership development program Allen took in the second half of 2014.

Read This » Savvy Strategies for Roof Maintenance and Replacement

Florida doesn’t make roof maintenance easy.

Read This » Happy and Healthy: How to Consider Occupant Happiness in Design

So what does Happiness By Design have to do with building operations? The methodology touches just about everything — from temperature and lighting controls to physical navigation.  A significant factor in engendering happiness involves creating a building that is easy to understand, as well as one that offers flexibility.

Read This » 4 Ways Flooring Taps into a Facility's Full Potential

A facility’s flooring is a hard-working asset, but it is packed with potential functionality beyond just providing something to stand on.

Read This » The Pandemic, One Year Later

Breathe. Since last March, maintenance and engineering managers have been working frantically.

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