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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/11/2018 - 3/17/2018

Facility Management Credentials: What You Need To Know

Since its origins in the 1980s, the facility management profession has evolved and matured with the march of time.

Read This » Credentials Hold Value for Facility Manager, Employer

Given the plethora of potential credentials available to facility managers, the $64,000 question remains, "Is there value in obtaining one?" The answer is a resounding yes.

Read This » How To Choose The Right Facility Management Credential

With limited time and resources to devote to obtaining a credential, a facility manager needs to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing one and decide whether the investment has a potential pay-off. A place to start is an honest assessment of one’s ultimate goal.

Read This » Judging the Value of an Facility Management Credential

Judging the value of an FM credential depends on who you are, your expertise, your experience, and where you plan to go with your career.  New to the field.

Read This » ProFM Credential Makes Its Debut

Over the past two decades, facility professionals have demonstrated conclusively that they can add value to their organizations.

Read This » Energy Modeling: Building Owners Drive Growing Popularity

Today’s most cost-effective energy efficiency strategies generally require optimized control of complex HVAC and lighting systems.

Read This » Energy Modeling Benefits: Energy Efficiency, Improved Operations

Building energy modeling can offer a host of benefits for savvy building operations. For property managers and building owners, building energy modeling allows them to understand a facility’s operating characteristics before they take over a building, according to Skelton. For new construction or major renovations, Franconi sees benefits in reduced first costs as well as operating costs, along with improved occupant satisfaction.

Read This » Are Energy Models Really Accurate?

For all of its many pluses, building energy modeling also has drawbacks.

Read This » Facing Headwinds, Malls Reinvent Themselves

The headlines for shopping malls are all gloom and doom: Malls are dead; the Internet has killed malls; consumers prefer couches and computers over traffic and parking.

Read This » Why Some Malls Are Thriving In The Age of Online Shopping

While the gulf between Class A malls and everything else is widening, neighborhood or community malls are thriving in many cases, says Garrick Brown, vice president of retail research, Americas, for Cushman and Wakefield.

Read This » Right Mix of Technology, Amenities Key for Mall Survival

Technology must be an integral part of creating an experience.

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