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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/13/2022 - 3/19/2022

How to Reduce Noise in Open Offices

Recognizing the need for an expanded, state-of-the-art North American headquarters, global luxury group Kering tasked HLW with creating the company’s new operations hub in a former warehouse in Wayne, New Jersey.

Read This » Why Facilities Professionals Should Care About Cleaning Protocols

Interest in commercial cleaning is at an all-time high as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Read This » How to Build a Long-Term Proactive Maintenance Plan

n the previous piece on how to change over a facility management operation from reactive to proactive, we discussed how to prioritize tasks, do needs analysis, and perform a facility condition assessment.

Read This » How to Plan Office Space When Temporary Becomes Permanent

When the pandemic started to impact the U.S.

Read This » 4 Tips for Better Maintenance Recordkeeping

Most facility managers know of the importance of recordkeeping for maintenance repairs and inspections for all systems and equipment within institutional and commercial facilities.  Incomplete or missing maintenance or inspection reports can lead to major issues when a building owner wants to sell a commercial building or in a situation involving a legal concern such as injuries or deaths occur as a result of a structure collapse or machine malfunction at an institutional facility, says Aaron Zimmerman, a partner at the construction defect law firm Berding & Weil.  “People who are documenting these issues, the people who are actually keeping the records – the plant engineers, maintenance personnel, even the janitors – they're not thinking that six years from now we’re going to be in a lawsuit,” Zimmerman says.  The importance of documenting maintenance and inspections was brought to the forefront following the June 24, 2021, tragedy in Miami, when 98 people were killed during a condo collapse.

Read This » All Eyes on Indoor Air Quality as COVID Continues

ll eyes are on facilities management as the COVID-19 pandemic moves into its third year.

Read This » A New Resource to Understanding Advanced Building Controls

One of the greatest opportunities for energy savings in buildings through retrofits and retro-commissioning is optimized HVAC control sequences.

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