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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/1/2018 - 4/7/2018

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality: Better Visualization Aids Operations

Like something out of a childhood dream come true, all you need to access virtual reality is a smartphone and a cardboard box.

Read This » Roof Replacement: Assessing Challenges and Applying Strategy

Assessing challenges Deciding to address the distressed dome of Harry A.

Read This » Technology Shaping the Future of Buildings

Technologies most would have thought little more than sci-fi as recently as 10 years ago are now on the cusp of reshaping the commercial real estate environment.

Read This » IoT and Renewables Boost Zero Energy Goals

Buildings with zero energy goals must use renewables in some form to make up the difference in the energy they use from the grid.

Read This » Technology Spurs Growth in Zero Energy Buildings

Zero energy buildings are growing exponentially.

Read This » Benefits of LED-based Smart Lighting Systems

Consumers are looking for tech-forward convenience now more than ever, creating an unprecedented need for fast changes in the retail world.

Read This » To Get To Zero Energy, Human Element Remains Critical

As much as technology can help, getting to zero energy isn’t just about fancy machines: The human element remains a key piece of the zero energy puzzle.

Read This » Choosing The Right Access Control System

There are many access control systems on the market today, and all have strengths and weaknesses.

Read This » Partnerships With Designers, Utilities Critical For HVAC Efficiency

Building owners and facility managers should not just defer to the recommendations of the architects and engineers.

Read This » Why Office Design Should Reflect Corporate Culture

There are other ways to redesign a culture-focused office without overspending on flashy amenities.

Read This » 4 Steps To Access Control System Integration

Once the access control system has been selected, the design and integrator selection process can begin.

Read This » To Justify HVAC Upgrades, Speak in Financial Terms

Facility managers need to take the time to prepare an executive summary of their HVAC recommendations — in financial terms.

Read This » Developments in Paint Technology Lead to Better Scruff Resistance, Heat Reflectance

For indoor paint, newer products also provide resistance to burnishing when something consistently rubs against the wall.

Read This » Tips To Manage Access Control After Installation

Once the systems are in place, it is critical that they are properly supported, maintained, and updated.

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