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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/29/2018 - 5/5/2018

How Corporate Culture Influences Workplace Design

The day of the cookie-cutter workplace is over.

Read This » VRF: Strategies for Success

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology has become a popular option in recent years in institutional and commercial facilities addressing comfort and cost concerns in selecting air conditioning systems.

Read This » Knocking Down Traditional Barriers to Lighting Controls

The decisions get trickier when it comes to controls because managers must contend with significant barriers, including initial cost, varying energy savings, lack of education, and physical constraints on installing dedicated control wiring.

Read This » PEER: A New Rating System For Power System Performance

Modernizing today’s power systems plays an important role in advancing sustainability goals, while also improving overall resilience and reliability.

Read This » Developing an Effective Arc Flash Safety Program

As OSHA and NFPA 70E continue to develop and enforce electrical safety requirements, it is important for facility managers to be informed about arc flash and to implement appropriate safety procedures into an electrical safety program that minimizes the likelihood of injury to employees. A range of regulations, codes, and standards address arc-flash safety.

Read This » How Infrared Imaging Works

Thermal imaging systems translate thermal energy into visible light.

Read This » Determining Grounds Crew Needs

In determining grounds crew needs related to handheld equipment, managers need to figure out the amount of work for any particular piece of equipment. After determining the types of handheld equipment needed to cover all jobs, managers need to determine the number of pieces of equipment required, as well as the amount of time each tool will have to run. Consider the task of trimming shrubs.

Read This » How To Get The Most Value Out of Big Data

Whether the numbers involve energy consumption, equipment performance or occupancy patterns, buildings are a rich source of data.

Read This » Best Practices For Incorporating Universal Design

There are many simple strategies that can incorporate universal design principles in both new construction and renovation on campuses. • Tiered classrooms that have multiple rows at the teaching level with moveable seating create an alternative to the traditional “back of class” ADA positions.

Read This » Aiming Higher with Tubular LED Retrofits

A recent (2016-17) development is the hybrid “dual drive” TLED.

Read This » Common Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers vary in many aspects, including installation orientation, design approaches, hazards protected, orifice size, temperature ratings, and response time. Standard spray, upright/pendent.

Read This » Steps To Protect Your BAS from Cyberattacks

The biggest thing holding most facility managers back from securing their systems is fear of the unknown.

Read This » Microhospitals, Telehealth Poised To Grow Rapidly

Microhospitals and telehealth are poised to continue growing rapidly in 2018 and 2019, and they are trends that are tremendously symbiotic.

Read This » How To Future-Proof Your Lighting

With LED lighting, what you install today may still be in your ceiling in 2035, so it pays to think forward to what options may be appropriate between now and then.

Read This » NFPA Data Shows Fire Sprinkler Effectiveness

A short circuit starts a fire in a department store.

Read This » Why Control Systems Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

In addition to being easily found now with IoT/device search engines, common best practices that IT has used for years are not utilized in the OT (operating technology) world.

Read This » How To Learn From In-House Data Center Experts

To date, several data center owners have implemented similar practices.

Read This » The Benefits of Infrared Imaging

Benefits and limitations Infrared imaging also is demonstrating its value in diagnosing building and system maintenance issues.

Read This » How Technology is Shifting Space Needs in Commercial Offices

With technology accelerating the way the workspace evolves, some offices are falling behind with spaces that no longer function effectively.

Read This » 5 To-Dos After a Lighting Control Installation


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