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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/23/2021 - 5/29/2021

How to Consider Energy in Planning, Design, and Construction

In 2012, five building categories accounted for about half of all energy consumed by commercial buildings.

Read This » Mass Vax: How One FM Is Tackling COVID-19 Head On

For Richie Stever, director of operations and maintenance at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) and Midtown campuses in Baltimore, working in facility management is second nature.

Read This » Graphics Define Space in Open Office Layout

Located on 5th Avenue in New York, this Flatiron firm's leased office space with an open layout relies on graphics and colors to help guide employees and guests through the space.

Read This » Five Crucial Strategies for Healthier Workplaces

More than a year after most institutional and commercial facilities largely shut down and many people began working from home, we are approaching a time when activities are re-opening.

Read This » Hand Tools Lift Landscapes From Average to Extraordinary

At first blush, a hospital, university, and golf course appear to have little in common.

Read This » 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes Likely In Your Building

Plumbing is central to the success of any building, campus, or facility design.

Read This » Higher Learning: Lessons in HVAC Efficiency

Things have changed at Collin College in recent years.

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