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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/3/2020 - 5/9/2020

Rethinking the Workplace in the Age of Coronavirus

Even before the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, workplaces had been experiencing dramatic shifts.

Read This » Handheld Grounds Equipment Puts Power in Technicians' Hands

Mowers and utility vehicles get much of the attention from grounds managers, which is understandable, given the central role these pieces of equipment play in daily activities.

Read This » 6 Facility Strategies to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

While it is too early to fully measure the global impact of the coronavirus, it is safe to assume that how facilities conduct day-to-day business will change.

Read This » Maintenance Matters: Ensuring Chiller Upgrades Succeed

When properly selected and installed, a replacement chiller can reduce maintenance costs, but new-generation chillers offer features that can deliver substantial, long-term maintenance savings. Magnetic bearings eliminate the need for oil, oil sampling, oil changes and replacement of leaking gaskets.

Read This » Hardscapes: Design and Guidelines for Success

Managers can become overwhelmed by all of the available hardscape choices.

Read This » Healthy Buildings Are More Important Than Ever

The healthy building movement has changed the way facility managers evaluate their buildings, but the coronavirus pandemic is bound to change it even more.

Read This » Early Fire Safety Systems Planning Saves Time, Money

One of the most effective ways to reduce unnecessary costs in building projects is to develop specific plans for fire protection, as well as integrating approving authorities into the early development stages of a building’s design.

Read This » Ensuring Emergency Cooling Equipment Suits Facilities

In selecting emergency cooling equipment, managers can avoid missteps by carefully considering the physical size of the unit.

Read This » Assessing Cooling Loads for Chiller Upgrades

Building operations and their requirement for air conditioning change constantly.

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