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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/14/2019 - 7/20/2019

Beyond Waterproofing: How to Ensure Long-Term Roof Life

One evolution in roof design mentioned by both representatives of the roofing materials manufacturers are the challenges to the roof system from using the roof in ways besides waterproofing.

Read This » Valve Problems, Water Quality Can Affect Fire Sprinkler Functionality

Once a sprinkler system is in place, an adequate amount of water must always be available for the system to be effective.

Read This » Resilience: How to Make Campus Facilities Safer, More Sustainable

In late 2017, the U.S.

Read This » The New Age of Utility Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs

For facilities in the design or concept phase, the Savings By Design program — administered by six California utilities — offers building owners and managers energy-saving solutions, owner incentives, and educational resources.

Read This » 4 Steps to Evaluating Security Risks

A strategic approach to door and hardware systems can help facility managers identify weaknesses, as well as the measures that can reduce them.

Read This » How to Plan An LED Upgrade

There are different options and scenarios to consider for how to approach introducing LED upgrades to a space.

Read This » Maintenance Management Systems: Managing the Business of Facilities

Maintenance management systems come under many names.

Read This » Door Hardware: Balancing Security and Life Safety

The increasing focus on security has prompted multiple new door hardware solutions that can help keep intruders out, while still allowing those who need to exit a facility to do so quickly.  At the same time, facility managers and building owners “need to have a spine,” says John Clancy, principal with Architectural Openings Consultants.

Read This » 7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of FM

The future looks bright for data-driven building operations.

Read This » How Restrooms Design Choices Affect Cleanliness, Costs

Few areas within a facility generate more complaints concerning cleanliness than restrooms.

Read This » How To Use Door Selection for Infection Control

In addition to balancing security and life safety concerns, healthcare facilities increasingly are focused on reducing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

Read This » School Security: Make the Right Doors Choices

Doors play a critical role in any facility.

Read This » How to Design Restrooms for Long-Term Operations

Restrooms in most facilities have a long service life, typically 20 or 25 years between renovations and upgrades.

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